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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  February 2, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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tomorrow night we are back here and we will have more with the candidates and he better talking foreign policy. i also sit down donald trump to talk about his decision to endorse gov. romney. that's tomorrow night, 9:00 eastern from vegas. see you then. >> it's my honor, real honor, and privilege, to endorse mitt romney. i've gotten -- [applause] >> well, it happened. donald trump picks a candidate, and with las vegas as his backdrop, he says he picked a winner. we spoke with donald right after the big announcement. donald, nice to see you. >> hello, greta. >> well, that is big news, you have endorsed gov. mitt romney. i'm curious back in december when you were going to host a debate, he said he couldn't make the debate, his schedule didn't make it, and you told me you
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thought his excuse was far-fetched. why are you in his corner now? >> well, he called me right after that, actually right after i spoke to you. we had a little talk. and frankly, he was very respectful and very good. i think maybe he would have done it if i really wanted it. i'm not sure. but he was veryç respectful ani understood his reasons for not doing to fully. >> what was his reasons fully because at the time it looked like he just didn't want to do it with you. >> for one thing i don't think so at all because we were very friendly and continue to be. for one thing he was leading and he figured why should i jeopardize a possible lead, and i can understand that. and i did understand that, actually. he called me. he couldn't have been nicer. and i fully understood. and i think he might have done it if i really asked hard. >> all right. but the first -- at first he said it's a scheduling thing and then he moves to the story or i shouldn't say story, but then he moves to another thing to you and says it's not a scheduling thing, the real thing i was leading in the policy. so he changed it? >> no. this is what i was saying.
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i was saying that frankly from his standpoint i could understand why he wasn't doing it, and i felt it was because he was doing very well. and why did he need to jeopardize it for? but i think he might have done it had i really wanted it. but i didn't do that. and then ultimately it ended up where i decided not do it for the other reasons, including the fact that a lot of people wanted me to run and polls showed me doing very well so i decided not to do it. >> give me some of the behind the scenes, how these endorsements go on. like in the past two weeks do you get a bunch of phone calls from the candidates and they say be donald, you really need your help, and you say i need to know this. take me back to when this really sort of got going in earnest, your decision-making. >> well, i think it really got going a number of months ago when people came up to trump tower. and i really developed a lot of good friendships oust of it to be honest with you. i have a lot of respect, as an example i have a lot of respect for newt. i think he's a terrific guy. we really, i think, have a really good relationship.
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but it just worked that i watched what happened over the last number of weeks. i loved what mitt was saying about china and the rest of the world, which is just absolutely ripping us off and trying to destroy this nation with a smile. and i think mitt romney really sees china for what they are. i think he understands opec and what's going on with this phony opec, you could call it a monopoly or call it whatever you want, but what they do it unbelievable. their streets are paved in gold and we are just, you know, we are rid he willed with potholes in our country. he gets what is happening to this country and he sees what's going on with other people just taking the money out of our back pocket. >> besides the positions that you share with him, that you endorse him for, i'm curious how did the mechanics go? did you call him yesterday and say, okay, mitt, you are the guy or did he call you? have you been going back and forth? i'm curious how it works out. >> well, i think we've been calling each other. i've developed a very good
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relationship with him over the last couple of months. and even a little bit prior to that. i see him as a very tough guy, is and a very smart guy. and he's sharp. >> i understand that you like him and you have endorsed him and for substantive reasons. i'm just trying to understand did you call him up and say, okay, i would like to speak to the governor, and did he have a private conversation with him yesterday? the immediate way was trying to guess what you were doing last night, we were checking schedules. i want sort of behind the scenes. >> well, i would rather not get into it. i don't want to say i call, he called, it doesn't make any difference. over the last couple of weeks it was obvious to him and to me where i was going. and i feel very happy about and really very content thatdy the right thing. i think he's going to be terrific. i think he's going to run a great campaign. he will probably win now, and i think he will probably beat obama. obama has got tremendous baggage. tremendous. if you look at what -- i mean, just today, if you look at the numbers that came out, they
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think that unemployment is going up to 9.2% by the end of the year and that growth is down to 1%. i think obama has tremendous baggage. personally, i don't know where she's polls are coming from, but personally i think it will be very hard for obama to win. >> you said earlier that you have a good friendship over the last couple months you developed with all the candidates. one of them is speaker gingrich. did you call him and tip him off and say, look, i just got to let you know i made my decision, you are not my guy? >> well, i called him a couple of times last night on a number that i have, and there was no response on that number. so i wanted to call him. i did call him. i like him. i respect him. and he's a terrific guy. >> all right. and i assume now with this announcement that your plans are you are not going to run as an independent unless there's some unforeseen circumstance, at least tonight that's your plan, you are not going to run? >> well, if mitt romney wins
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obviously i will not run otherwise you will really have a story u endorse someone and then you decide to run. i don't think that works out very well. no, if mitt romney wins i certainly would not and i can't run during the course of the apprentice anyway which starts in another two weeks. i think mitt is going to do really well. i think he will be an amazing candidate. i think he will do great against president obama. >> what do you think the impact of your particular endorsement is? because there's also some question, what do endorsements mean. they certainly get a lot of attention and to the extent they replace any having to pay for advertising, you get a lot of attention on a candidate. but i'm curious, yours in particular, what does it bring to gov. romney, and who do you -- what voters do you bring along? >> well, i think i bring a lot of people, but first of all, i have a great relationship, as you know, with the tea party folks. i love the tea party. they have really made this world aware of what's going on with our country. so i have a great relationship there. i have a great relationship with the entire christian coalition.
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i have amazing friendships in that whole group. and i love them and i respect them. you know, i think i have great, great relationships. i'm a presbyterian, which shocks a lot of people. and i have great relationships with the people of this country that are tired of being ripped off by china and by opec, and by everybody else that does business with us, and they are just draining trillion of dollars out of the pockets of our citizens. i have a great relationship with them. so i really have some very strong relationships with a lot of great people. i think that carries forward. i don't know. i don't know if they like me or what i say, but it seems to carry. and i can tell that you people wanted my endorsement. and when you were up at 8 and 9 candidates, most of those candidates really wanted my endorsement. and you saw what happened today in the hoopla. i think it's hoopla because they do respect my opinion and they do want to see this country stopped being ripped off by
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virtually everybody that does business with us. >> in terms of the christian coalition that you said you have a good relationship with, i think many people think that, you know, to the extent you general lies about what groups go which direction, is it sen. rick santorum has a very close relationship with the christian coalition and as does speaker gingrich. can you peel off those voters that he has, that those two men have and move them over to the romney candidate? are you actively going to go out and try to peel off those voters for gov. romney? >> i don't know. i'm not sure that endorsements in terms of that -- people like bob, he's a fantastic guy. when he gave, as you know, rick santorum, when he was in iowa and gave him the endorsement, that had a huge impact. a very powerful endorsement. one of the most powerful that i have seen. i have great respect for people like franklin graham and so many of the people i deal with, i know, i like. and they like me. but whether or not that really can translate into mitt romney, i really can't say. but i know mitt romney.
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and i've gotten to know him very well. he's a fine man. but he's a tough man, and he's a smart man and that's what we need in this country. >> you say that, but then you sort of rewind back to i think last april, i think it was on another network you talked about gov. romney, and you were sort of less afusive about his business skills. is that just sort of talk or have things changed? do you all of a sudden have a greater impression about his business skills? >> i only got to know him over the last three or four months. i haven't known him for a very long period of time and i didn't know too much about him. he's done an amazing job and he's put a lot of people to work. i think he's starting to be very proud, to be honest with you. i actually told him, i told him you have done a great job, you put tremendous numbers of people to work. you know, with a lot of the companies we are talking about, they would take over sick puppies and make them better in many occasions. not all occasions because sometimes it just doesn't work. but they take over the sick
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companies and make them better. >> now do you convince, there's a huge or significant tea party contingency in nevada and they tend to be people who are really sort of tired of the status quo. how do you convince them that gov. mitt romney isn't the status quo, that he is really someone who is going to make significant changes? because i think these people want bigger changes than just your, you know, than many other voters. >> first of all, he's not the status quo. i know him on a personal level and he really is a little bit different. when you get to know some people, i've been for so many years in politics and sometimes you see somebody on air and that's what you have on a personal basis. mitt romney is a warm, terrific guy, smart as can be, and really he's got a tough edge to him which is a tremendous thing because we need a tough edge in this country. he gets it. he's a great businessman. i think he's a really natural businessman, which is very important. and i think he will do a great job. and i think the people in the tea party, when they really get
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to know him, i think they will really like him and they are going to pick up the banner. because he will be a great candidate. i think he's going to outdebate -- you look at what happened the last two debates. he was fantastic. and frankly, newt admitted that. newt was a little bit off. but he admitted it. i mean, mitt romney did an amazing job in those debates, the last two in particular. and if he does that with obama, obama is not going to look very good in my opinion. >> all right. there are different skill sets in terms of being a good debater, being a good campaigner, being a good executive, all different sorts of skill sets. i'm curious, did you sort of compare and contrast in your selection of gov. romney? and i assume you looked ahead to see who would be the best president out of the four remaining candidates. what is it that -- where would governor romney be a different president than a speaker gingrich and a senator santorum and a representative paul? >> it's a very big question you
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are asking and it would take a long time to really go through it. frankly, i respect everybody. i respect all four. i respect people in politics. i mean, it's a tough life. it's a miserable life, i will say. i mean, i have always again politics, i have always been involved in politics, but the longer you are involved the more respect you gain for politicians. it's not an easy life. but i just think he would have the best chance of getting elected. >> why? >> i think he would have the best chance of beating -- because i think he's a very capable guy with a great story to tell. i think he will do really well. i was so happy to see the last two debates because i think he will do really well in a one-on-one with president obama. i think he's going to do really, really well. and obama has a lot of baggage. he's somebody that really has baggage because the economy is bad and probably getting worse. if you look at what the numbers that just came out of washington, they are predicting a 9.2% unemployment by-election time. and you are talking about a
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number. and by the way, 1% growth. i've never heard of 1% growth before. you look at china, they are 10%, 11%, 12%. we are at 1%? so this is what we have. and there are many other things. i think he's got tremendous baggage, and i think that mitt romney will be a great candidate. >> if someone has such tremendous baggage and the unemployment level does move in an upward direction i think everyone -- i don't think anyone doubts that puts extreme vulnerability -- makes the president extremely vulnerable in november. i'm curious, said to me before that all of them could beat president obama. i'm sort of curious -- you look at what you thought would actually be the best president? and i same that you looked at some factors and made some sort of compare and contrast among. they i'm trying to understand why you are throwing your weight behind gov. romney and not the other three. >> well, first of all, i didn't say they could all beat president obama." i said i think mitt romney can beat them but i never said they can all beat president obama.
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i don't think it's going to be an easy election. one thing for sure, obama is a good campaigner. i don't think he's as good as people think because if you look at hillary, he was just limping across the finish line. she almost won and she should have won and if she would have started out a little stronger, she would have won. i'm not so sure he's a good campaigner but he is known as being a good campaigner but i don't think they can all beat president obama. i don't know where you got that from. >> i'm curious, do you think, this is a hypothetical, do you think secretary of state hillary clinton would have been a better president in your mind than president obama? >> yes, i do. >>? what way. >>? i think -- first of all, i think we would have had a more unified country. we wouldn't have had a country where the republicans hate the democrats. i dealt with republicans and democrats all my life, and they argue and fight and then make deals and go out to lunch together and like each other. these people are actually enemies now. i've never seen anything like it. and i i know them on both sides
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of the isle. i've never seen anything like it. but the country is in turmoil, and the hay tread of this country toward other groups is incredible. the leadership is so lacking. i always thought obama was going to be a great cheerleader, at a minimum a great cheerleader and he's really not. >> why not? what happened? >> class warfare -- i think what he's doing, he's done so badly as president. he's been so pathetic and he's done such a bad job as president the only way he's going to get elected is dallas warfare, pinning one group against the other. and i think from the standpoint of getting elected he's doing the right thing. from the standpoint of the good of this country, terrible. >> are we going to see you on the campaign trail? >> well, they will like me to, and i will certainly try to help out as much as i can. i'm very busy, but i enjoy it. and most importantly, i love this country. i think mitt romney would really make a great president. and whatever i can do, i will do. >> i'm curious, did gov. romney pull you aside and say, donald,
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thank you? >> oh, he did thank me, absolutely. he thanked me in front after lots of reporters. that was a big group of reporters out there. they told me record setting, but i'm not the one that said it, they told me. that was a big group of people and he did thank me, absolutely. >> what do you make of the gingrich campaign challenging at least a number of people challenging the whole issue whether win takes all or pro emergency's -- proportional daily dell gas? >> well it's probably not going to make much of a difference in the end but somehow, some where it will get resolved and probably pretty quickly. >> always nice to see you, donald, and hope to see you soon. >> thank you very much, greta. >> thank you. >> straight ahead, is donald trump mad at rush limbaugh? why would he be angry? rush limbaugh will tell you. while gov. romney got the trump
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is stamp of approval today, it is not over. the nevada caucuses with the tea party could really stir things up. what is the tea party doing? we won't to las vegas to find out. and another day on capitol hill. attorney general eric holder getting grilled for the sixth time from the members of congress. did the members get the answers they were looking for? not exactly. plus it got nasty. and darrell issa goes on the record. that's next.
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>> a fiery showdown over operation fast and furious. today an capitol hill eric holder denying a cover one. and congressmen firing backpack sayings of stonewalling and incompetence. here's part of the contentious hearing on the botched gun running investigations. >> allowing guns to walk, whether in this administration or the prior one, is wholly unacceptable. i'm determined to ensure that our shared concerns about these flawed law enforcement operations lead to more than finger pointing. >> we find out you have not fired a single individual. we find out that you have not rebuked any staff members.
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heck, you haven't even put a letter in people's personnel file saying that on their watch they acted and an agent was murdered. that is absolutely absurd from this side of the -- >> we are still in the process of trying to determine, the inspector general is trying to determine where this policy originated. >> congressman darrell issa, he joins us. >> good evening, greta. thanks for covering this important hearing. >> this is what i don't get. i have three questions, who authorized it, is that person still working in the government, and how high up this went? did you ask those three questions, and have you gotten those three answers? >> we did ask those three questions and this was the first hearing even though he appeared before congressmen in the past. this was the first hearing that was specifically about fast and furious and only fast and furious. what we know is eric holder
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absolutely says he didn't know and he didn't authorize it. we know that lanny brewer, one of his chief dep pirates clearly was at the center of it and as we are getting discovery we are getting to know more what have he did and what he did as late as february 4th. the day they were denying gun lobbying he was in mexico. >> and we don't have all the facts. the attorney general has assured us he has the same goal we have, we don't yet have the protective measures that are going to ensure that this type of operation can never happen again. and i think that's what brian terry's family wants. they can't bring border patrol agent terry back but they can see that people at the center of this lose their jobs or are appropriately punished and steps are taken so it can't happen again. >> if i were this border patrol agent's family, i would be so enraged and every american should be enraged at the slow
10:24 pm
pace to get the information. now 13 months. it isn't that difficult to fine out who did it, who authorized it, and whether that person is still there. the idea this family has continue to suffer and we americans have to sit and watch this go down without any information is absolutely appalling, congressman. i don't understand why that answer shouldn't have been available a year ago. this is 13 months late. >> and this is one of the areas we have a serious disagreement with the attorney general. he's waited 12 months for an investigation that's still ongoing. he has mentioned the actions done locally, but he hasn't found anybody close to him, people that are there in washington. and we would think that he could. he did assure us today that there were more that could come. but i think for the terry family that are now a year into it, that haven't seen the kinds of prosecutions of the people related to their son's death and their family member's detect, and they are obviously disappointed that the attorney general didn't act quickly to actually, if you will, get to the bottom of it.
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maybe, maybe in the next few six or eight weeks, as the attorney general alluded to we will begin to see real progress. obviously my committee will continue doing what we should do. hopefully the i. g. will wrap up her investigation. but this is one of the problems in washington is the speed is too slow. >> but you of it doesn't have to be. if the i. g. can't move on it, get rid of that i. g. and get someone who will get the investigation. the attorney general said he didn't authorize it. did someone above him authorize it, did someone at the white house authorize it, did someone below him authorize it? it simply isn't that difficult. it really isn't. and this family has suffered, and i appreciate congress trying to get this, but you know what, i think congress should push this harder. i know you guys have been trying but this is so bizarre, and it doesn't likely prettier or better when the information doesn't come. if the i. g. can't get it, get rid of her and get someone who can get the information. >> you are right.
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i opened up very tough on the attorney general, made it very clear that the information i believe congress has a right to, if i can't get it and get it soon we will go through the contempt procedure, which we don't like doing, but we obviously do feel that with the i. g. seeing 80,000 documents and us seeing 6,000 documents, almost half of which have nothing to do directly with fast and furious as an operation, that we feel we are not getting the level of cooperation we should get. >> why not -- why not is each one before congress and forget the documents, put everyone under oath and say did you do it and keep going up the chain of command and you get no, no, eventually we get yes or if it turns out you don't get a yes but the documents later show someone is lying you have yourself another situation. >> you are a skilled attorney and you get t one of the things our investigators did, when they got got to patrick cunningham, he took the fifth. we are now exploring, the attorney general to his credit said he would consider it, we are now exploring a limited use
10:27 pm
protection, you know, so that -- or in fact he can't claim the fifth. right now we are very, very concerned and as soon as we read through the documents that we expect them to deliver we will explore how we get testimony from this individual. and if we can't, we already have scheduled both above and below him the kinds of additional depositions so we can bracket why it is that a high-ranking career professional, in charge of prosecutions for all of arizona, is taking the fifth and leaving government. >> i hope you are not satisfied with simply the answer by the attorney general that he didn't authorize t it's whether he knows who did it and who knew about it because these are just grossly incomplete answers. and congressman, i will take the last word on that. thank you, sir. >> thank you, greta. >> coming up, the gop race heats up in the desert. the nevada caucuses are just two days away and the candidates are launching a new battle. the fight for the tea party vote. what do tea party voters want in a candidate? they will tell you next. also a threat to murdered police
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officer, one police officer a day. sounds unbelievable but it's happening. five officers have already been murdered and the rest is a force, 2500 of them is in hiding. the latest coming up. across the golden state,
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when i'm on overtime. when i'm in over my head. when i have to be sharp... no matter how many time zones i've crossed. when i'm on my feet for hours. when it's game time. when the day's only half over but my energy is all gone. when i need the energy to start exercising. every day. every day. every day is a 5-hour energy day. 5-hour energy. every day. >> the gop nominating contest as arrived in the west. it's wild and about to get wilder. the nevada caucuses start in two days. nevada is a hotspot for the tea party. the candidates are fighting for
10:32 pm
tea party support. but what are tea party members look for? we met with the voters to find out. >> the tea party, are they going to have an impact this year? >> they are because a lot of them are divided. they don't know who they want. a lot of them don't want mitt romney but they are starting to go his way. and most of them, i think 37% of the people that strongly believe in the tea party are backing gingrich. >> what could one of the candidates do to really solidify the support of the candidates between now and saturday? >> if they could convince us that they are going to get rid of the regulars that are stifling business in this economy, that's kind of why i like newt. he started off after florida in his speech saying what he's going to do and what he's going to get rid of and so forth. i haven't heard any of that from romney. ron paul is real strong with everything, and if weren't for his foreign policy i would be
10:33 pm
right on board with him. santorum is good, i just don't know -- i don't know, he's a little bit too socially conservative. and i don't think that will go over well with the rest of the public in these united states. >> mitt romney has -- he has his programs. they all have something that would be good for the country. but none of them have everything that i want. they don't have, to me, those five things that i think our president has to have. number one, he has to have legislative experience, number two, he has to have executive experience, and i'm talking about government executive experience like a governor. he has to be a social conservative, a fiscal conservative, and support the constitution. those are the five things i look for. and i don't see that in any of the four that are left. i see some of those things, but not all of them. >> i'm for newt. for newt? >> yeah. >> what is the number one issue? i want to do this with everybody. what is the number one issue in
10:34 pm
your meetings that you think is driving it, jobs, economy, small government, what is it? >> it's jobs and economy. there is so much here in las vegas that people are really hurting, all the foreclosed homes. it's kind of a mess. >> why doesn't ron paul do better? i mean, he seems very much on one hand a tea party candidate. >> cut, cut, cut, cut, you know, get us back to that small deposit. >> his social issues are too liberal for me. >> how important is it to have the support of the tea party groups as a presidential candidate in the caucus? >> i think it's going to be very important. >> do you think the tea party will have an impact like they did? i know senator reed said, recent statements, to paraphrase, that they aren't as much as a big deal as they used to be. do you think that will play in the general here when it's the republican nominee versus president obama? >> you know, i think they will and this is why. they are very disorganized. and they actually, a lot of them don't even like their tea party
10:35 pm
label anymore because it sort of has a negative connotation. but the last time some of them held their nose and they voted for mccain. this time they aren't going to -- they aren't going to hold their nose, they will go out and they will work to elect romney. they really are angry at obama. >> join us as senior washington editor rick klein, nice to see you. >> how big or little or indifferent is the trump endorsement of gov rick romney to mitt romney. they will start the consolidate the tea party support and candidacy. particularly if it went to newt gingrich. that's the story line. he's able to inoculate that. the biggest piece of news out of the result many endorsement is if mitt romney wins the nomination he's committed to not running a third party candidacy. that's the value in securing this. he's able to take away that possibility, all that noise and attention that would have been
10:36 pm
on donald trump and the thinking in his mind. that's now gone. it's a straight head-to-head match-up he can count on without having to worry about donald trump. >> it's always everything seems to be a double edge sword. i posted on greta wire today at 4:55 today a new dncad. they couldn't get it out fast enough. they married gov. romney to donald trump and the whole idea trump saying you are fired and romney saying something like he would like to fire people, something like. that the dnc is taking them out and rolling with this one. >> and the campaign went out and put out the video of the endorsement happening. the democrats are gleeful of this. keep in mind mitt romney, and of did not seek out this endorsement. he tried to minimize donald trump. he almost single-handedly killed trump debate that was going to happen the end of december. and he made little out of the face-to-face meeting he had with donald trump. he was trying to avoid the
10:37 pm
cameras. he doesn't want to get bogged down with trump and the sideshow that comes with him. but this was awkward today and you a sense he wound get it over with. it was only five minutes in length. it was in and out. and a of in a workman like performance for mitt romney who is glad to have this but has no interest in highlighting it at this point >> but i wonder if at any point, if he diss donald trump by keeping some distance from donald trump because of the your fired or whatever reason, and this is the second time and i don't think that would sit well with donald trump. he's not used to being dissed if that happens. >> and even if mitt romney is the nominee, we haven't her the last of donald trump. he's not going the next nine months as a silent soldier. he will be there on the sidelines. on balance would you rather have this or not have it? i think you would rather have it
10:38 pm
and stand at the hotel and casino in las vegas, get the endorsement and move on. at least make sure is doesn't go anywhere else. >> is the tea party really a factor? the tea party seems to not be quite as organized as having any power at this point. there's a lot of tea party members but there's no sense of organization with the united front. >> it certainly is a factor in nevada and elsewhere. but keep in mind that mitt romney has the support among tea partyers as well. he did well among the tea partyers in florida. so it's really statedy state. it's not like the tea party is all behind another candidate. >> he didn't pick up the tea party in south carolina but he had the governor haley. >> and that's a sense of the organization or the lack of organization at the state level or the national level. we haven't seen this group just rise up against mitt romney as a whole behind one candidate. that's really what has to happen if mitt romney is going to be stopped right now. yes, i think tea party voters have had a big influence. mitt romney is still seeking them out, has some support among
10:39 pm
them. he isn't necessarily the strongest among them but in nevada he has the state wired. he won there four years ago when he lost the nomination. he will be in a commanding position on saturday. >> the las vegas sun is reporting tonight the gingrich campaign, a national advisors are feuding with his nevada team. i don't know it that's true or not. but that certainly is not something you want your campaign to be feuding. >> that's right. one nevada advisor anonymously quoted, it's like they have never seen a map of nevada before with all the events they are trying to schedule all around the state. this is a mark of a campaign obviously that's having a hard time catching on in nevada. they need a bigger national strategy as well and pick some moments, greta. that's the biggest thing they need to do every to the next four weeks before super tuesday. pick a couple battles they think they can win and establish something for down the road when the terrain gets more favorable. they have to realize mitt romney is going to have a good february. they have to pick spots they can point to and say this is where we are starting to establish a choice between gingrich and
10:40 pm
romney. >> thank you. >> thanks, greta. >> coming up, if you think there's not an exploding crisis in mexico, answer this. why is an entire mexican city police force of 2,500 police officers hiding out in a hotel tonight? or how about this news just in? the second american missionary couple in a year just found murdered. electrical cords around their necks. and finally tell us, what is the obama administration doing other than ignoring this next door crisis? we have a live report from mexico. that's next. [ male announcer ] we know you don't wait
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10:45 pm
to produce a nuclear warhead until then. they hope to hold off a strike until at least the latest round of iranian sanction take place this year. and a bill for insider traded passed 79-3. it goes to the house. it is designed to prevent members of congress and top aids and officials from using nonpublic information for insider trading. it requires them to make all financial transactions public within 30 days instead of a year. now back to "on the record." >> is the obama paying any attention at all to this. the crisis in mexico is growing. here's the latest. a mexican drug cartel just murdered five police officers in one city. but that's not all. the cartel is now threatening to kill a police officer a day until the city's police chief resigns. and there's more. in another mexican border city,
10:46 pm
two american missionaries are murdered, strangled with electrical cords in their own home. fox news radio correspondent james joins us by skype from mexico city. james, first to the police officers. 2500, where are they hiding in they are hiding out? >> well, they have been told to go to hotels and stay away from their homes because when essentially happened is the cartel has been threatening them. it's called the new horrors of the cartel. they have said they want the police police chief to resign, and if he doesn't resign they have threatened to murder a police officer every single day. they have murdered five so far. what the police have said, they murder them going to and from their homes. so these are municipal police. the thing is that the local community, they can easily identify people, know where they live and know where the children go to school. basically they have to take them out of the situation this will they solve the situation.
10:47 pm
it will probably have to be sorted out by the army going in and doing their job until the situation can be rectified and goodness knows when that will be. >> two americans this, is the second time in a year that two americans, american couple missionaries murdered. what happened? >> well, john and wanda, a baptist ministers and missionaries in a small town near monterey called santiago. basically they were found by their son murdered, strangled. it looks as if somebody locally who knew them did this. they ripped a safe out of a wall. they look televisions, they took the pickup truck. they knew the movements of these people. but i was talking to the health minister the other day, and what he said is the mexican government has done surveys in border states in 2002, and 2008, and also this year, early this year. they said that addiction rates are going up.
10:48 pm
what's happening with the drug war, addiction rates going up is that criminality is also increasing. this makes people, especially u.s. citizens, very vulnerable, indeed. >> is there any sign in mexico that it's in any way getting better or there's a new strategy to at least put the lid on it a bit? >> what has happened is that from the word go the president calderon has brought the army into key areas but that hasn't helped them. what he wants to do, he wants a national police force, a central national police force. but north hat nationally what is --, unfortunately is what is happening is he is being blocked in congress. the police are incredibly vulnerable. they need to be replaced and they need the police force. but at the moment president calderon's party doesn't have the majority in congress. it's the last year of his term so this is not going to happen in this government. not at all. >> we only have three seconds left.
10:49 pm
do you see any sort of assistance from the united states? any help? >> well, the united states often helps with intelligence. but the mexicans have prickly about this because of historical aspects, the war in 1847. they don't want u.s. police, they don't want troops. they won't allow u.s. police and troops on to mexican soil. and unless that was actually done, the power of the cartels is extraordinary and terrifying and they are getting more and more powerful. they generate vast amounts of money. we are talking of an annual turnover of more than $40 billion every year, and it's growing. that's the size of the problem, greta. >> james, thank you. >> thank you. >> straight ahead, did donald trump plan his big endorse mend around rush limbaugh's radio show? why did he do that? rush limbaugh will tell you. that's next. we need safer energy.
10:50 pm
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>> you've seen the top stories but here's the best of the rest. rush limbaugh recently called florida's most important gop primary voter e decide that was a good excuse to tease his friend about today's endorsement. >> this is not going to go down well with trump. when trump sees this, he's not going to be happy with it.
10:54 pm
he's the most important republican voter in florida, even though he doesn't vote here. i knew it wasn't going to sit well. while i was being called 1/2's most influential voter. and the reason i know trump took it personally, because he's doing this at 12:30, he's doing it in the middle of the show. if he -- if he really wanted to get the most bang for his buck, and get the most media attention for his announcement, he could have just called here and made his endorsement here live on this show. >> no need to worry, rush and donald are still friends, at least the last we her. and britain's prince is beginning a new mission. he arrives in the falk land islands to begin his work with the royal air force. he will be manning search and rescue helicopters. it's raised tensions between the u. k. and argentina. this year marks the 30th anniversary of the war.
10:55 pm
that's when the british forces blocked the invasion of the islands. and his tour of duty is expected to last six weeks. a police dashboard camera catches more than speeders. a camera on a police car in florida catches a meteor falling from the sky. you see the bright light as it falls across the sky. aviation officials confirm it was a meteor. it was visible in texas, oklahoma and kansas. there you have it. the best of the rest. coming up, a piece of presidential history goes up for sale. what do you get for your money? you may be surprised -- or not. that's next. to the 5:00 a.m. s. the two trains and a bus rider. the "i'll sleep when it's done" academic. for 80 years, we've been inspired by you. and we've been honored to walk with you to help you get where you want to be ♪
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[ foreman ] so i can trust 'em. unlike rdy. dolr for dollar, nobody protects you like allstate. >> greta: president obama's old car hit the auction. >> in illinois is auctioning off a 2005 chrysler, that once belonged to president